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Kit is a thoughtful, versatile, and creative stylist. After completing advanced training, Kit found that they love working with texture and focused on all types of curls, waves, and the Cezanne process. There isn't a head of curls that Kit can't shape.

Bright colors are Kit's favorite. They magically blend shades for the oil-slick, rainbow-ombreé, sunrise, unicorn flavor of their clients' dreams.

Kit is a genderflux, queer, trans human and uses they/them pronouns.

Not available for online booking, please text or call the salon to book with Kit.


Roman is a genderqueer, latinx stylist specializing in queer cuts and color! They graduated from Summit Salon Academy and especially love doing short clipper cuts and fun vivid colors. Originally from San Diego, they moved to Washington 2 years ago and have found their passion in experimenting with their own style while also helping others find theirs!

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