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Kit is a thoughtful, versatile, and creative stylist. After completing advanced training, Kit found that they love working with texture and focused on all types of curls, waves, and the Cezanne process. There isn't a head of curls that Kit can't shape.

Bright colors are Kit's favorite. They magically blend shades for the oil-slick, rainbow-ombreé, sunrise, unicorn flavor of their clients' dreams.

Kit is a genderflux, queer, trans human and uses they/them pronouns.

Not available for online booking, please text or call the salon to book with Kit.


Kendal is a thoughtful, precise stylist with a love for all things color and texture. Through her time in beauty school, she developed a love for shags, mullets, and all high texture haircuts in between. When she isn't rocking out haircuts, Kendal excels in blonding services and high intensity shades to bring vibrant works of art to life. Outside of the salon, Kendal enjoys time outdoors and supporting the local music scene. 


Lex is a stylist who is largely inspired by anime and pop punk vibes. They excell in textured haircuts, as well as bright colors. Whether it's long hair or short, they love to add a bit of whimsy to their clients lives. 


They are a nonbinary individual, passionate about queer issues. When not at work you can find Lex doing all things nerdy such as cosplay, D&D, and crafting.

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